Smart Alpha, it's what we do.

Fifteen years ago, we had a plan to create a product that would become integral to those that didn’t want all the research the sell side had to offer or were not able to access it. Today, those words - and Apollo - seem more relevant than ever.

Using market-sourced forecast data, Apollo first reveals the implied future cash-flow and associated discount rate of every stock, and then what is driving the market’s valuation. From there, Apollo provides an evaluation of not only expected return opportunities, but the risk of loss associated with them, which is central to the Apollo investment ethos. This allows users to identify and rank investment opportunities within their portfolios and watchlists.

With waterfront coverage, Apollo identifies exactly what active portfolio managers Need to Know about every stock, to give them a clear edge in the market. And, in the disrupted research industry of today, that information can then be used to create a more effective investment process.

Apollo is owned and operated by Libra Investment Services, whose analysts use Apollo to generate their engaging, insightful content. Libra offers clients a partnership with its award-winning team to ensure they get the best out of Apollo. Libra has a long, proven track record based on Apollo; this partnership leverages that for our clients, in order to generate extraordinary value.